Main Business Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

Have you thought about installing GPS vehicle-tracking devices in your business vehicles?

Although some employees may object to them citing privacy concerns as a reason, there are many significant business benefits to GPS vehicle monitoring devices. These benefits include the following:

Increased productivity, fewer calls to drivers

While it’s important for drivers to be able and available to make changes in pickups or deliveries, the driver will not appreciate the calls asking “Where are you now?” This can distract the driver from their work and also makes the driver very inefficient. Imagine how much time could be lost with a fleet.

These calls can be eliminated if you see all the company vehicles on a Live Google search or Bing map. A live Google map can show the journey of each vehicle for the day.

Visually seeing the nearest field vehicle that might be able to make the customer’s visit is also a simple way for customers to locate the closest one if they call with urgent pickup requests or service calls. You can also contact another driver if the field driver is unable to attend.

This improves productivity, increases profitability, reduces driver calls, and saves drivers money.

Improved customer services with GPS vehicle-tracking devices

Instead of telling customers approximate times, the main office can see exactly where the driver is currently located and how far away, they are from the customer. This makes it easy for businesses to inform customers about pickup and delivery times.

When a customer of a business has an urgent order, they call your office and ask for assistance. A staff member tells them that the driver can be reached within 12 kilometers and should be there in 10 minutes. This is far more efficient than replying with “the truck driver should be there sometime today or around 3 pm”.

Your service times are sure to impress your customers. This gives you a significant competitive advantage and can help you win over your competition.

OH&S – Safety, health, and well-being of drivers and field staff

You should be concerned about the safety of your field staff during bad weather.

Unable to reach a driver for a prolonged period is another issue. You can see their current location and how long they’ve been there on a map created by the GPS vehicle tracker device. This should make it easier for you to contact them quickly and address any safety issues.

Fast vehicle recovery

If you are unfortunate enough to lose one of your fleet vehicles, knowing its exact location via the GPS vehicle tracking system allows you (or police) the opportunity to quickly recover it. This can reduce vandalism as well as damage. It is also more likely that the vehicle will be recovered quickly if there is a quick response to theft.

Cut down on insurance costs

Insurance companies are well aware of the benefits associated with vehicle recovery speed so they will most likely offer a discount for your insurance premium. These savings can prove to be very significant.

Unauthorized Use or Automatic Theft

If your vehicles are left in your yard, yard or depot, you will be notified immediately by SMS text and email if it leaves that area. This way, you can quickly determine if your staff members have moved the vehicle in your absence or if it has been stolen.

Vehicle GPS tracker send out location logs frequently, which are usually sent every 3-4 minutes. With the report function, you can easily access the daily kilometers traveled and replace paper-based logbooks.

It is easy to get reports like speeding, long stop, mileage, travel hours per week, month, and more with just a push of a button

Maximize your business vehicle assets

This reporting functionality allows for you to easily see the vehicles being used and can make a better business decision about how to use these assets. This is another benefit for your company.