Learning Management System for Health and Social Care

April 18, 2022 0 Comments

A Learning Management System is a vital piece of technology for the Health and Social Care sector, we will explain why in this article. Many Health and Social Care organisations already benefit from using a Learning Management System as part of their learning and development. These Health and Social Care organisations use their learning management systems across their business to develop and track e-Learning, while maintaining compliance and upskilling their staff.

A Learning Management System is suitable for any size Health and Social Care organisation, whether you a single site or a large franchise.  This is because a Learning Management System can be customised to suit your organisation, with suitable automation and tracking measures to help your organisation save time and effort, and shift your focus to areas of more importance, such as the care and support your staff provide to their communities.

What’s the benefits for my Health and Social Care organisation?

We understand the sector and just how busy your organisation and care staff are, so we’ve covered some of the benefits a Learning Management System can provide your Health and Social Care organisation, below. The key thing to remember is that any Learning Management System you choose, should act as an extension of your existing Learning and Development strategy:

  • Complete delivery of online e-Learning modules.
  • Reports that help track compliance and progression of staff’s e-Learning.
  • Add bespoke courses to suit your organisation.
  • Produce certificates upon course completions.
  • Available for your learners to complete their training 24/7, on any device connected to the internet.
  • Monitor small or large teams within your organisation, by allocating tailored learning pathways to each job role.
  • Interactive ways to incorporate a blended learning approach, to engage with your staff.
  • Booking systems to manage and allocate training workshops and incorporate virtual training sessions through Zoom and other integrations.

What does a Learning Management System look like for my care staff?

Simply, once your organisation has its Learning Management System from https://www.mylearningcloud.org.uk/what-we-do in place, there will be various licencing models on how many users, Admins and Managers can be on your system. Ideally this will be something you are aware of at the start of your implementation journey of your new Learning Management System.

Once a user is created, they will have their own log-in to the system. This is where they can see which e-Learning has been assigned to them and how compliant they are. This means they can complete their e-Learning on the go and receive notifications when they need to revisit any expired e-Learning.

It’s worth noting that Admin users and Manager users are slightly different within a Learning Management System. Admin users will have the ability to amend learning pathways and will have the ability to customise your Learning Management System to suit the needs of your organisation.

Managers, however, will see their own Teams within the Learning Management Framework, this will allow Managers to monitor their Teams accordingly and add specific courses and policies, most relevant to their team.

Within a Health and Social Care setting, this is important to note as larger organisations may have an Admin within their Head Office branch, and Managers within each site to allocate more specific and relevant mandatory and CPD e-Learning, to create a unique learning experience for each learner.

If you would like more information on how My Learning Cloud can provide your Health and Social Care organisation with our innovative Learning Management System, please give us a call on 0800 088 6109 or email [email protected]